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Q: What is my mains water quality like?

A: View the SA Water website for the Suburb you live in.

Monitoring our product - SA Water.

Q: Does AWQC provide testing of rainwater for private use?

A: Yes. Click link for rain water info.

Q: Does AWQC provide testing of bore water for private use?

A: Yes. Click link to bore water page.

Q: In regards to water samples; how do I collect samples and what volume of samples does AWQC need and where and how do I send the samples?

A: Click link to sampling requirements page.

Q: What are the terms and conditions for AWQC invoicing and generally?

A: Payment is required after the work is complete. If the final report is to be sent as a hard copy, the invoice is posted with the final report. If final report is to be sent by fax or email, the invoice is forwarded a day or two later.

Click link for Terms and Conditions page.

Q: How is it possible to control algal growth in water bodies (i.e. farm dams)?

A: Please refer to  Using Algicides for the Control of Algae in Australia.

Q: What are the nutrient levels / discharge rates from the SA Water Wastewater Treatment Plants?

A: SA Water's Sustainability Report, contains wastewater discharge rates and a wastewater treatment plant performance summary.

Q: If cyanobacteria is detected in water that is used for stock or human consumption, can there be an issue with toxins?

A: AWQC facilitates tests that provide results regarding toxicity issues. To find out more please contact the Customer Service Unit for more information.

Q: What is the Sample Receipt Notification Report?

A: AWQC's LIMS will generate Sample Receipt Notification Reports which indicate sample temperatures and will email these reports to customers for information. You need to advise if you do not want to receive this report. In cases where the temperature has exceeded the appropriate criterion, it's the customers responsibility to promptly advise the AWQC not to proceed with sample analysis.

AWQC can provide advice on the correct bottle for use as well as the best cooling method to ensure the condition and the integrity of sample during transportation until they arrive at the AWQC for analysis.

Click here to view an EXAMPLE Sample Notification Report