Our Capabilities

The AWQC provides customers with a comprehensive range of services related to water quality. Sampling, Analytical, Advisory and Research Services are designed to provide customers with solutions.

AWQC's new facilities allow continued development to world leading methodologies. The AWQC has a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and WEB based reporting system (WaterScope) that supports accurate and timely service to the water industry. The AWQC's LIMS system is supported by a team of in-house experts that manage its ongoing improvement.

Our Key Capabilities include:

Environmental / Natural Water

  • Assessment of the Environmental Water Requirements of water dependant ecosystems.
  • Assessment of water quality of reservoirs, rivers, creeks, farm dams, bores and coastal waters.
  • Importance of nutrients and flow to Blue-Green Algae.
  • Assessment of flora and fauna to improve wetlands management.
  • Assessment of impacts of discharges to marine and freshwater environments.

Water and Wastewater Treatment

  • Advice concerning the optimisation of treatment processes.
  • Assistance to Industry in wastewater management.
  • Research on alternate treatment methods.
  • Investigation of techniques for the management of taste and odour compounds, algal toxins, and disinfection by-products

Drinking Water

  • Monitoring of drinking waters for compliance with national and international quality guidelines.
  • Advice to assist operators in the management of water quality within distribution systems.
  • Research into the management of water quality distribution.

Australian Standards Testing

  • Testing of products in contact with drinking water for compliance with AS/NZS 4020 and BS 6920 recognised by Standards Australia and Water Authorities


  • Monitoring of the quality of wastewaters, sediments and sludges.
  • Advice on the re-use of effluent and sludge.
  • Assessment of the impact of waste discharges on the receiving environment.

Quality Management

  • Analytical Quality Control programs tailored to the needs of individual laboratories.