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The AWQC provides a comprehensive range of water and wastewater services including sampling, analysis, advice and research. Additionally, the AWQC undertakes projects for a wide range of water quality and treatment technology issues and provides expert advice for national and international projects.

The AWQC has been NATA accredited for chemical testing since 1974, biological testing since 1979 and obtained quality systems certification to ISO9001 in 1997. The AWQC is accredited for a wide range of chemical and biological tests, including sample collection and field analyses. Accreditation also extends to AS/NZS 4020 'Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water'.

Analytical Services: We provide customers with a broad range of analytical services associated with the chemistry, microbiology, biology and ecology of waters, wastewaters, sediments and sludges.

Research: Our research projects cover a range of topics that contribute directly to the operation of water and wastewater services in a way that provides a continuous, high quality supply, protects the health of the public and minimises environmental impacts. We have assisted a number of Australian water authorities, for example, helping to assess the feasibility of using chloramination in distribution systems, determining the effectiveness of ozonation for odour and algal toxin removal and evaluating treatment plant design. We have won international acclaim for the rapid detection of microorganisms using molecular biology based techniques, attracting significant overseas research funding.

Consulting Services: AWQC offers a range of Consulting Services in the areas of Cyanobacteria, Microbiology, Reservoir and Source Water Quality Management and Water Treatment Plant design and process efficiency.

Australian Standard 4020: We also undertake testing of products in contact with drinking water for compliance with AS/NZS 4020 recognised by Standards Australia and water authorities. Our services are provided to clients across Australia as well as Asia, United States and Europe.